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Increased app installs by 928% | Startup Digital Marketing


To increase app installs for an off-peak hours offers app, HalaKIWI.

Friends enjoying desserts for casual instagram post


1. Studied the competition and marketed the client product in an untouched space.

Our client was a startup in the crowded F&B aggregator space. The client did not have the money to bid against the bigger players in the market for google and social media ads.

Our first task was to assess their target customer and then figure out what space they occupy that has not yet been infiltrated by their competitors. We decided to market our client's app on Facebook community groups.

2. Created copy that comes across as organic.

Facebook users on community groups are there to get authentic suggestions & recommendations. No one wants to feel as though they are being sold to.

The copywriters at Team Donut understood this and accordingly created a list-icle for a savings group that was pinned by the group admins resulting in even greater exposure for the client's brand. For another community group, the copywriter's appealed the user's community support sentiment to draw installs for the client app.

Copywriting on facebook for facebook marketing
Copywriting sample for Facebook groups

3. Reporting & attribution setup.

Before beginning our guerilla facebook groups campaign for our client, we added the Facebook SDK to their mobile application.

This helps our Facebook Blueprint Certified analysts and ad managers track the actions of our campaign and their results.

results from facebook application showing positive result
Mobile Application Analytics as reported by the Facebook App SDK



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