Best practices to communicate Denny's product launch

Denny's launched the endless breakfast in June to drive customers in-store during the slow summer months in Dubai. The donut team was tasked with creating a social media presence that reflected the limited time offer in the best manner possible.

Instagram Posts for Denny's Restaurant Marketing Case Study

The donut team adopted a content strategy that focused on providing visuals & animations that spoke of the offer instead of graphic-designed posts that are text heavy and typically not favoured by the Instagram algorithm.

Restaurant marketing on social media and especially Instagram relies on using visual content to communicate a message.

So the team dissected the promotion and created imagery + videos + animations to display the concept.

Instagram Post Statistics for Denny's Restaurant Marketing Case Study

As seen in the screenshot, one of the posts alone generated 262 shares and over 34,000 impressions.

The Donut team also closely worked with the marketing & operations team at Denny's to track the effectiveness of the promotions at a restaurant level and ensure the success of the campaign.

When creating content on social media, the key metric that the team tracks for is the number of shares. Comments & likes don't really reflect how much the post resonates with the audience. A post that really means something you is a post that you share with your friends, spouse or family.

So when deciding for whether the content strategy worked, whether a graphic designed animation works better than a food spread - our team monitors the number of shares to understand better on how the restaurant marketing strategy is performing.