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Restaurant collateral design that speaks the brand language

Team Donut was tasked to create collaterals announcing Barbecue Delight's Ramadan menu & pricing in a manner that reflected the brand and caught the attention of consumers walking by the restaurant.

indian restaurant collateral design for restaurant marketing

The restaurant is located in JBR - Dubai and receives footfall from tourists in the surrounding area.

The collateral needed to be simple to read, informative, eye-catching, and most of all relevant to the brand identity.

The brand is inspired by Pakistani truck art which is reflected in the interiors.

The team used that inspiration to design an eye-catching banner announcing the Ramadan menu and a similar A5 flyer for delivery distribution.

Instagram content strategy design for restaurant marketing

The bold red background complements well with the bright yellow and teal elements. The design stands out and the carries well on print and on socials.

We also curated an Instagram feed layout that showcased the food juxtaposed with the vibrant colors of the Pakistani truck art that dons the interior walls.

The purpose of this feed was to remind visitors on Instagram of the rich Pakistani heritage that the restaurant drives it's inspiration from.

As with everything that team Donut does, we like to quantify + qualify the performance of our design. For this, we monitored socials for story tags during the Ramadan season. Interestingly, almost all the guests who shared pictures of their meals also shared pictures of the Ramadan buffet flyer or roll-up.

This is unusual as customers do not really take pictures of collaterals.

The restaurant team on the ground also reported higher levels of engagement from passers-by who were attracted by the roll-up banner at the entrance of the restaurant.

So how did Nooren Khan, our creative director make a successful collateral? "Stick to the branding guidelines, be bold with color, and alignment, alignment & alignment." Contact us to work with us to create successful offline and digital content for your restaurant.

Collateral design for restaurant marketing purpose



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