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50 food orders at 5 ROAS for Golden Fork | Restaurant Marketing


To generate transactions on restaurant e-commerce platform.

Mixed grill with sides image for restaurant marketing


1) Created funnel for selected online audience.

No one buys a product the first time they see it online. That's why we create a funnel to send your audience. The first time they see a video, the next time they see an Instagram post with good engagement. And once they feel better acquainted with your brand, then they see the Buy Now Ad.

2) Created captivating ad content & copy.

The client has successfully run his restaurant chain for 20+ years across UAE. The first thing we did was, go over to their restaurant.

After an hour long conversation with the manager of two different branches, we had a better idea of who their customers are, and what they like about the food. We used this information to create our Ads.

3) Optimized ad sets for each step along the funnel.

The first two steps of executing the perfect campaign is an art. As marketers, we make assumptions about our target audience & the ad content, which is why you need a Dubai based team on your side. The third step however, is all math.

The Donut team optimizes the ad campaign for the auction bid, the frequency & reach against the performance of each ad. This is where our Facebook Certified digital marketers pair up with the creatives to optimize the Ad to deliver real results.

Ads Manager Ad Campaigns Image for Restaurant Marketing Case Study



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