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Showcasing multi-culinary dishes from a single dark kitchen brand

Team Donut was approached via referral from a lead on building the social media for a cloud kitchen brand.

The challenge for the team was to showcase multiple cuisines being offered by the same brand.

Most consumers don't want to feel as though they are being sold different cuisines from one kitchen. And that's natural.

As a consumer, you want to feel that the food being offered to you is from a niche and specialized chef. When going for a multi-cloud kitchen concept, there's one of two ways to build a brand. Method 1️⃣ Go for brands that look completely different from each other. Build them up individually. Method 2️⃣ Go for brands that have some common DNA between them. Such that brand 1 looks different but has some common elements with brand 2, and so on. After consulting for the client and based on their vision and goals, we decided to go ahead with Method 2.

Social Media feed layout for cloud kitchen brand

We built the world kitchen company's social media presence from the ground up with aesthetic photoshoots & engagement from food bloggers.

This brand's concept involves multiple kitchens and to showcase that, we used various high-contrast background colors to represent food from different cultures.

The goal was for the user to not feel as though the brands were interconnected.

An easy way to avoid this is by using branded packaging that differs for each cuisine.

However, we had a further limitation of having to use non-branded packaging. Therefore the best solution our team could come up with was in creating the differentiation in the photoshoots. The result was an attractive and eye-catching feed layout design. We also ran Facebook Ads for this client to generate 15 orders a day up from zero orders a day on their direct ordering platform. Watch here on how we use Facebook Groups marketing to generate orders on direct platforms.



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