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What made our Instagram ads successful for Stargems? Content & Targeting

Stargems approached us after hearing of our work from another client who was satisfied with our digital marketing prowess. They wanted to spice up their Instagram game with aesthetic photoshoots and drive sales to their listings.

Stargems was initially hesitant on spending their budget on performance marketing as they had had bad experiences prior but within our first week of running ads for the client, we generated a lead for the sale of a diamond ring with a facebook messaging campaign that only costed AED 100 in ad spends.

What makes our Instagram ads better? We understand how retargeting works and use it to send very targeted and detailed ads. Instead of digitally advertising to anyone and everyone about stargems, we fine-tuned our ads targeting and messaging to speak to their ideal customer who had already had some interaction with the brand on their socials.

In this particular instance, we ran two kinds of ad sets - one was targeted to users who engaged with jewelry competitor brands and another ad set that was targeted to users who had previously interacted with Stargems content. By day two, we noticed that CPM (cost per thousand impressions) were ridiculously high for ad set one. So we shut down that ad set. With the entire budget now on ad set 2 - the lookalike audience. We generated over 30 leads at a cost of AED 100. The stargems team had a well spoken person answering to the leads and an interested buyer responded with screenshots from the Instagram account and then made a purchase online.

Hamza, our performance marketing director has 7+ years of experience in running Facebook Ads for all kinds of businesses (with a niche attention to retail and F&B). Our Facebook certified Dubai-based team knows what copy works best with which segment of UAE's audience to create an impact in their lives with your ads. Having an aesthetic showcase of their jewelry (crafted by us) definitely helped!



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