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Website redesign for NKD Pizza - Abu Dhabi | Restaurant Marketing

F&B websites need to be crisp, display key values, and enable users to order now quickly. With NKD Pizza we faced an additional challenge (or an opportunity) of needing to inform the customer of features in the ingredients that make it attractive to the health conscious consumer.

Creative posts from NKD pizza for Restaurant Marketing Case Study

This was a challenge because Pizzas are technically fast food, something indulgent and cheat-worthy. Healthy Pizzas are typically confusing and almost an oxymoron in of itself. And a large chunk of the consumer market doesn't want healthy pizzas. They want cheat-worthy Pizzas.

Creative posts for NKD pizza for Restaurant Marketing

NKD's Pizzas however are simply better versions of the same old pizzas. They use fresh ingredients, better quality dough and are freshly prepared. This is at the key of what makes them delicious to consume. And this is the key messaging that we successfully got across.

Our goal with the new website was to inform the user about the merits of this pizza and then swiftly direct them to the order now page. After implementing the new website, the team saw google quality scores rise by 4-5 points across multiple pizza-related broad keywords.



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