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70 targeted meal plan leads resulted in 13x ROI | Facebook Ads

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To gather leads for meal plan customers in Dubai.

1) Understood product & target audience.

The first thing we did for our client was a quick google search on his competition. What were they doing? Surprisingly we found that very few of them advertise on facebook (or Instagram) and most tend to advertise on Google. We recommended the client to advertise on Facebook to keep his costs low on the ad auction.

Creative design for instagram marketing

2) Created captivating ad content & copy.

The client had 4 distinct categories of meal plans, so we created different ad copies for each of them. The key here was to build on the brand's differentiating factor in all of the ad messaging. The first few ads that we ran were targeted towards his Instagram visitors audience. We did this to test the ad copy quality rankings on the Facebook Ad platform.

3) Optimized adsets for each step along the funnel.

The first two steps of executing the perfect campaign is an art. As marketers, we make assumptions about our target audience & the ad content, which is why you need a Dubai based team on your side. The third step however, is all math.

The Donut team optimizes the ad campaign for the auction bid, the frequency & reach against the performance of each ad. This is where our Facebook Certified digital marketers pair up with the creatives to optimize the Ad to deliver real results ✨

Facebook Ads Screenshot - meal plan lead ads results
Facebook Ads Screenshot - meal plan lead ads results



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