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Create a retargeting loop using Instagram to generate enquiries

CakeAway is a small local bakery in Dubai. They deliver all over the city and have some name brand recognition in the community that they are located in. Team Donut's task was to create an aesthetic feed for the brand and increase their messaging enquiries via Facebook Ads marketing.

The first step for the team was to understand how the business operates. What products have the highest margin and what products sell well. The team spent time with the business owners and the chefs to get a deeper understanding of the cakes & dessert business and in particular about the client's business, and their customers.

Instagram feed design for restaurant marketing

Creating an aesthetic Instagram feed relies heavily on the first step. Team Donut crafts a content strategy that is dependent on the information gained about the products that need to be marketed or promoted.

In this instance, we shifted the Instagram direction which was previously showcasing everything that the bakery did.

Team Donut instead focused on their custom cakes (high margins & easily marketable)

Eventually, the team learnt that a content strategy driven by monthly restaurant themes such as Ramadan, Valentine's Day and such was the best driver for sales, and so, pivoted the content strategy.

Instagram feed layout design for restaurant marketing purpose

After successfully creating a digital content strategy that was getting engagement on socials, the team shifted their attention towards getting sales & enquiries for their cakes.

The performance marketing team used the top of funnel audience generated from social media to retarget the facebook messaging enquiry ads. These carousel ads showcase specific products & prices, and have the call to action on each instance.

As shown in the screenshot below, retargeted ads performed better than the Interest based ads. This is because the retargeted audience is already aware of the brand and has had some positive interaction on their socials.

On average 35% of the messaging enquiries leads converted, and almost a 100% of the leads followed the page and/or interacted with future posts 😎

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Facebook Ad lead generation statistics for restaurant marketing



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