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In depth: Viral Social Media Marketing Strategy for Restaurant | Cheesecake On A Stick

Inside This Article 👀

The product that went Viral on Social Media for our client Restaurant

cheesecake on a stick viral product in dubai

Il Caffe Di Roma is an authentic Italian café in the UAE for 20+ years. They are also our clients for the past 2 years. We were tasked to promote their new Cheesecake product.

Team Donut's product modifications and marketing strategies helped the dish become viral in UAE and exceed the brand's sales expectations 📈

This case study breaks down our strategies for how we made the cheesecake on a stick viral.

Client Success In Numbers

5 million+ Impressions on original content

15x Sales Impact - As reported from Restaurant

35+ Complimentary Influencer Coverage

7k+ Follower Growth in 5 weeks

Using In Our Marketing Strategy

The product tasted exquisite but by no means was Instagram-friendly.

We set about to change that by suggesting relevant toppings and serving styles.

The product was a plain large cheesecake on a stick that was enough for 3 people to eat for AED 39

We asked the client to make the cheesecake portions smaller and sufficient for a single person while reducing the price to an attractive AED 19.

Along with the price reduction, the toppings on the dish were increased in quantity and variety to create 5 distinct flavors.

The smaller cheesecake also fit on a stick, hence giving it the name 'Cheesecake on a stick'.

The strategic product changes added personality to the product, made the dish Instagram-friendly and an attractive proposition for the consumer ✅

Content Strategy for Viral Social Media Marketing Results

After the cheesecake product was perfected as per our product team, the digital marketing team then started to analyze the digital content to showcase this product.

Instagram feed for viral restaurant product cheesecake on a stick

Our content creators decided to use two angles for the content. A creative feed and a photographic feed to showcase the diversity of the cheesecake on a stick.

For the creatives feed - Team Donut went with vibrant artwork of the cheesecake product to highlight the unique, youthful nature of the product.

cheesecake on a stick outdoors road banner

The colors used in the creatives were green and gold, aligned to the brand’s colors.

Print creatives such as the flyer emphasized the toppings of the product and the price. Even though the cafe sits at the premium casual dining range with average orders of AED 70-90 per person, our team decided to make the price point a key part of our messaging ✨

This move made the product more share-able and introduced the cafe to an entirely new demographic.

Food Photography

The team designed an attractive lifestyle photography feed for this product.

The feed consisted of high-quality images of the cheesecake that featured white backgrounds to contrast the brown hue of the product and allow its colors to pop vibrantly.

This content was highly share-able and contributed to an increase in the number of shares from an average of 1-2 shares per post to 60-70 shares per post. The key metric that we always target when studying successful content is shares as explained in this previous case study.

Good share-able content is just that but does not really get results, until when paired with a solid distribution strategy - Influencer Marketing. Continue reading to see how our team accomplished real results with this strategy 🔽

cheesecake on a stick images for Instagram marketing strategy

Influencer Marketing

To get further exposure for the product, we invited influencers to try the product for themselves.

Typically these influencers charge AED 3,000 - 5,000 for Instagram coverage, but our digital marketing strategy involved curating this to be a revolutionary and innovative product in Dubai.

And so, the product achieved over 40 features & 5 million views and zero ad spends.

influencer marketing strategy for cheesecake on a stick
Influencer marketing strategy for cheesecake on a stick

Donut Media - Enabling viral social media marketing strategy for restaurants 📈

As a marketing agency , what makes us different is our attention towards product-first marketing. Our key strength lies in our deep understanding of the restaurant industry and the marketing methodology that works for this sector/niche.

If you're looking for a performance-focused marketing agency to add structure in your marketing efforts, track your ROI from marketing efforts, and improve your digital footprint. Get in touch with us!

Read more about our team here. Read about our 5-star reviews here, also watch a video on our clients talking about their experience with us.



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